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graverobber, graverobber sometimes i wonder why i need you at all

18 December 1988
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THIS JOURNAL used to be partially my own random things and graphics, but I've moved my graphics to their own community: mstrssicons so go there is you're looking for my icons and other graphics ♥

MY JOURNAL TITLE is currently from... everything else my journal layout is from: Zydrate Anatomy from Repo! The Genetic Opera.

MY PROFILE will probably never honestly be filled out completely. I just add random bits and pieces here and there to things such as this bio section and my interests. Maybe, maybe one day this will all seem complete, but it's not something to probably be expected.


definitely_dead || teamcarmilla

Autolycus animations by: sonorific.

CSS Coding for layout from butterflybox. Color customization and header by me.